January 03, 2009

TAG by baby-lyana...

1) do you think you’re hot?
Yes... especially when i know someone really closed to me talk something about me behind my back...i really don't like ok!!!takbole

2) upload your favourite picture of you

3) why do you like that picture
They are my precious...really reallypeluk

4) when was the last time u ate pizza?
can't really remember....garupale

5) the last song u listened to?
MENJAGA HATI by yovie n nuno ----->> tetiba sker layan lagu indon la plaksengihnampakgigi

6)what are u doing right now besides this?
tengok tv...gelanggang raja lawak

7)what name would u prefer besides yours?
i'm grateful with my unique in a million!!!gatai*poyo*

rasa2 mcm nak stop kat sini jer, pasai dah penah tgk kat kebanyakan blog i follow dah penah kena wat tag nih...sooo?? zasssss

tq bb-lyana!!!


Baby Lyana said...

Auntie Tinie...

Thanks sebab buat tag ni... walaupun tak habis :) Zasss

TiNiE said...

baby lyana >> bukan taknak wat abis lyana, tapi auntie dah penah tgk ramai dah blogger lain wat, autie taknak mengetag org bnyk kali, heheheh *alasan*

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