October 31, 2008

sepagi ber'st' ngan boss....

tinie : brian, just to alert you on arlina's email on 2009 op...will start at 9.50am instead of 9.30am at bunga tanjung *io-io poyo*
MR BRIAN : Yes thanks for the update
tinie : one more...yesterday siti haizara told me that fauziah suggest myself to join telephone etiquette course 5-6 nov... may I? *mukadimah nak mintak izin attend course*
MR BRIAN : Do you see a need to? *poyo plak boss aku nieh*
tinie : yes. i think so.
MR BRIAN : what aspect *soklan cepumas lagi..ishk*
tinie : my kra said an penjawab telefon
tinie : but you have a say...upon your approval..maybe to cukupkan kuota sama kot
*chey..chey kasi dia up sket*
MR BRIAN : My approval is not an issue. What I'm asking is what aspect of telephone etiquette are you looking at? *ishk..lagi*
MR BRIAN : It being one of your role is a good start. But I think you should look beyond that and see what aspects you need to develop yourself in *perlu ker?*
tinie : the right way to answer/deal/entertain ppl on da phone
MR BRIAN : Do you have problems with that
tinie : so far no
tinie : but maybe i can learn more
*poyo untuk kesekian kali*
MR BRIAN : What others?
tinie : in a right way
tinie : an also as a back up in case i can't control my emotion if the caller was being sarcastic like i kena smlm
*storytelling session dah nak start*
MR BRIAN : That is interesting
tinie : one guy search for arl***..suddenly call straight away mcm marah2...before that he call lia pick up and he was assumed that next call also lia yg jawab..padahal myself
MR BRIAN : How have you responded in instance like this guy
tinie : tell you the truth..smlm after lia briefed me not to give arlina's hp no if the guy ask...i just said that i don't have her phone number la... *lagi...kepoyoan terserlah*
tinie : and the guy urged me to find...and again my answer i can't
MR BRIAN : Is this guy from Singapore
MR BRIAN : what is his name
tinie : joshua
MR BRIAN : Yes I had already spoken to him
MR BRIAN : and told him to deal with me
tinie : i keep telling him that arlina was at hq...end up he ask me hq's general line
MR BRIAN : Asked him to send me an email on his brochure
MR BRIAN : Ok interesting
MR BRIAN : how would you handle him
tinie : is it?? *interesting tang mana pun??*
tinie : with smile and of cos he can't see
MR BRIAN : you can do better
tinie : so what is the answer...ok to attend or not..the telephone etiquette??
MR BRIAN : why nak lari?
tinie : bukan nak lari...the situation smlm...siti mcm needs more ppl to occupy her course...
MR BRIAN : That's not the reason to attend the course
MR BRIAN : It must be because you need it
MR BRIAN : If you need it you must know what you need to learn
tinie : yerla..kan i dah justify tu...why i need to learn how to deal/entertain ppl on da phone correctly
MR BRIAN : Probably from your experience with Joshua, you should take this instance to the program and see what others have to say
MR BRIAN : how they would respond
tinie : actually everyday a lot of calls from training provider yg i receive and my answer will be standard one
MR BRIAN : which is
tinie : ask them to email/fax their brochure to us
tinie : without interrupting our officers
tinie : i know they just want to promote their course
tinie : they just want to get the feedback...and i will tell them that once their already emailed/faxed to us..i just ask them to wait..officer in charge will call them if the course is relevant to us vice versa
MR BRIAN : ok go ahead
tinie : tq

adeh panjang lebo nyer justification just nak attend "Telephone Etiquette" course jer pun...yg penting dia kasi next 5-6 nov i'll be attending course... *kat sini jer pun* ... so kat sini aku seru AA2 kat b*m nih, sapa nak attend jom laaa...gitau kat TM u olls, i yakin yg place still ada lagi....jooommm!!


Mya said...

wah.. gila kental borak dgn bos nie.. kak, sy nk apply gak la course tu.. :D tapi password LMS sudah lupa arr..

TiNiE said...

haaa...perlu ker akak terang kat sini..jap akak st ko...

Beautiful Disaster said...

kak tinit...kite pn pegi..yeah yeah..haros lar togeder..pelisss..xdak geng!!huahua..

TiNiE said...

yey yey..ada geng lagi..bes bes..harosss la gediks2 sama nanti...

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