September 18, 2008

di tag oleh Myasefia

Tag When I'm Bored
Untuk kesekian kalinyer di tag oleh mya...laaayannn...

The Who’s
Who Was The Last Person You Talked To? Husband
Who Was Your Last Kiss? Fatihah
Who Knows The Most About You? Myself/Family
Who Can Make You Laugh No Matter What? My kids
Who Can You Always Count On? No one... sometimes my sister n my hubby
Who Has Your Heart? Family
Who Is or Was Your Favorite Teacher In School? Puan Laily
Who Is Your Best Friend(s)? Skypers, Fifie
Who Loves You? Family, Friends

The What’s
What Is Your Favorite Song At The Moment? Sesuci Lebaran (Datuk CT)
What Are You Looking Forward To? New Gadget
What Is Your Favorite Color? Purple n Pink *da rite combination*
What Website Do You Visit Most? My Blog/Facebook
What Is Your Favorite Smell? Burberry Touch
What Is Your Favorite Movie? Fun with Dick n Jane
What Makes You Mad? Depends on the situation..
What Curse Word Do You Use Alot? *silent*
What Kind Of Phone Do You Have? Nokia N81 8GB
What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Aku Lebih Tahu (MILA)

The When’s
When Was The Last Time You Went To The Mall? Yesterday - Sogo
When Did You Talk To Your Crush Last? Can't remember
When Do or Did You Graduate? 2001
When Is The Next Time You’ll Do Something Fun? Hari Raya
When Was The Last Time You Ate or Drank Something? During sahur this morning
When Is Your Birthday? 13 June 1978
When Was The Last Time You Went To The Movies? July 2008
When Is Your Parents Birthday? Ayah (11 Feb 1944), Mak (1 March 1949).
When Were You In The Car Last? This morning
When Will You Be 21? I'm 30 oledi
When Will You Be Taking Your Next Vacation? Don't have any plan yet

The Where’s
Where Do You Live? Senja Court, Petaling Jaya
Where Is The Best Place To Be? Home
Where Was Your Last Vacation? Langkawi
Where Were You Born? Alor Setar, Kedah
Where Is Your Best Friend? All over Malaysia one in Jeddah
Where Was The Last Place Your Were Besides Your Own House? Office
Where Do You Think You’ll Be In 10 Years? Still in Malaysia
Where Is Your Cell Phone? In front of me
Where Are Your Parents? Kuala Kedah, Kedah
Where Was Your Display Picture Taken? office HCDC

pehh...selesai jugak akhirnyer tag ni...hazab gak nak setelkan pun...ok di sini aku listkan org2 yg aku nak dia wat tag ni...

DJ Epoi
My beloved kak kimi
Kak Zaid


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Deqna said...

nanti aku wat yer

TiNiE said...

derna >> baeeekkk..

Mya said...

syabbas syabbass.. :D

MariaFaizal said...

K.Kimi dah copied-pasted these wonderful questions.Answers jer K.Kimi tgh edit nih.Sat lagi publish :)I likeeeee this

TiNiE said...

mya >> tq..tq..

k.kimi >> well done kak kimi..selagi kita aktip berblog ni..tag2 ni harus kita jawab...idup kak kimi!!

Diamilikku said...

hai kak tini..
dunno u remember ka tak..i'm ur junior kat sas..
i nak copy paste ur tag it from kak kimi nyer blog..
mintak izin dulu nih..
n also nak link ur blog kat mine..

TiNiE said...

ooo sone..kenal jer...boleh, boleh u may proceed...

aramis2177 said...

Tinie....tagged hang ni sungguh menarij nih....awat tak tagged aku!!???uwaaa.....hehehheee...lawak jaa...meh aku nak copy gak aa...leh dak?anyway....i likeeee ur answer on where is ur bestfren tuh!!!!*clap!clap!!!!hip2 horray!!!!!jom lompat bintang ~ tingat cikgu PJ cikgu Zubaidah ka Zabedah*

TiNiE said...

farah >> saja aku takmo tag hang pasai hang kan bzz layan pasaan hahaha..boleh jer amiklaaa..haaa aku tingat ooo kat hang kat bumi anbia tuuu... p/s cikgu zabedah

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