March 19, 2010

English IDIOMs

Sempena kelas bahasa inggeris yg kaktin sedang hadiri skang, bebaru ni kaktin kena present. kaktin pilih tajuk presentation kaktin tu 3 english idioms. jom kita tengok apakah yg dimaksudkan dgn idiom.


Good afternoon to all my colleagues and friends,

First and foremost, I would like to thank all of you for taking your time off today to listen to my humble presentation.

Today, I will talk about English idiom. What is idiom? An idiom is an expression that has a meaning apart from the meanings of its individual words.

There are actually thousands of English idioms, but for the purpose of my presentation today, I've chosen only 3 which are; go over your head, give the green light and have your head in the clouds.

Should you have any question, please feel free to interrupt me throughout my presentation, or otherwise, you may raise your question, if any, at the end of the presentation i.e.during the Q&A session.


Well, now, lets' move on to my first idiom go over your head. It means if someone goes over your head, they go to someone with more authority than you in order to get something that you would normally grant, possible because they think you won’t give it to them.

Example : he knew I wouldn’t give him time off, so he went over my head and asked my boss.


Secondly, give the green light idiom. This idiom means, if you give something the green light, you give permission for it to be done, or allow it to happen.

Example : as soon as our Director gives us the green light, we’ll start drafting the guideline.


Last but not list, have your head in the clouds. Meaning, if someone has their head in the clouds, they are out of touch with the everyday world and can be unrealistic or naïve as a result.

Example : Janette must have her head in the clouds if she thinks her insurance company is going to pay the full cost of renovating and refurnishing her house.

Script and all the slides, kaktin bikin sendiri mengikut kreativiti dgn mencilok gegambar dari internet. kekonon nak kasi clear picture la kan. pehtu at the end of the presentation kaktin ado buat simple quiz katanya nak uji tahap engagement audience ngan presentation kaktin ni. walaupun adoooo gitu.


tapi, alhamdulillah teacher kaktin puji² gakla. dia leh nampak effort yg kaktin curahkan dkt presentation nih. alahai, ni bukan presentation serious pun. kiranya more to nak asah points yg teacher ajo untuk presentation yg berkesan gitu. a good presentation kena ada opening, body n closing. closing selalunya ialah Q n A session gitu. so, kepada sesapa yg ada rasa nak buat presentation, boleh la amik tips dari kaktin yg tak seberapa ini. chalow.


payiet said...

syabas kak syabas

Dee said...

good one sis..i pun dh belajar idiom skali nih..thx..

SPEAKER said...

bravo..bravo..berabuk skeeping london..(dipetik dari cerita "Bujang Lapok").

TiNiE said...

payiet : heh, over...

dee : indirect lesson kan..welcome welcome

speaker : walaupuuuunnnn...hehehehe

Anonymous said...

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TiNiE said...

anon : thank you for your visit here. i'm wondering how i want to email you, since you didn't provide me any email address??

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